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65 years of dedicated service to local governments

Metropolitan and our non-profit sponsors actively partner with forty-four (44) cities and counties across the State of Florida to provide public seating at local transit stops, in community parks and cemeteries, along sidewalks, bike paths, trails, and any other point of pedestrian interest at the direction of the host local government.

Metro Bench is the name of our community seating program. This unique 65-year old initiative provides quality public seating to local communities wherever there is a legitimate need. Metropolitan works with local non-profits to supply, install, maintain and insure public benches at little or no cost to local governments, transit authorities and related public entities as either a stand-alone project or to supplement an existing network of public seating. Our goal is to never burden local taxpayers with providing this service. We remain committed to our mission to provide a community service that truly benefits the public.


Metropolitan's community seating program offers significant benefits to all of our partners. After 65-years, our program is a “win-win” scenario for sponsors, communities and the local business community.

Local Government Benefits:

  • Free public seating throughout the community at any point of pedestrian interest including but not limited to transit stops, along sidewalks, trails and bike paths, and in parks, cemeteries or other public places designated by the local government.
  • Total control over the placement of all infrastructure.
  • Absolutely no legal responsibility for the purchase, installation, maintenance or liability for public seating infrastructure.
  • Generate significant annual savings to local taxpayers.
  • Promote local commerce increasing inventory/sales tax and related revenues.
  • Opportunity to promote public service announcements and/or support for local non-profit activities throughout the community.


  • Large Urban Areas
  • Cities
  • Towns
  • Villages
  • Unincorporated Communties
  • Transit/Bus Stops
  • Sidewalks
  • Trails
  • Beaches
  • Recreational Areas
  • Community Centers
  • Public Cemeteries
  • Activity Centers
  • Any Other Point of Pedestrian Interest