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ALTERNATIVE Advertising in Florida

1. Who advertises with Metropolitan Advertising?
Answer: We service a wide range of client categories such as realtors, insurance agents/brokers, banks, chiropractors, restaurants, etc. Virtually any business can benefit from advertising on our benches

2. What types of companies are NOT advertised by Metropolitan?
Answer: We will not allow any advertising for a product or service that cannot be used or purchased by a minor. The only exception may be a state funded lottery if it contributes to education.

3. What are the terms and conditions? Is there a contract?
Answer: We require a 12 month contract. We also require a separate production charge that includes a four color digital process, set up, design and installation.
4. How much do the benches cost?
Answer: Pricing is based on market, location and quantity of benches.

5. How can I tell which benches are available?
Answer: Typically any bench that does not have a 2'x6' display on it is available for rent. Please call one of our offices if you would like to know if a specific bench is available for rent.

6. What about the artwork?
Answer: The copy space is 24"x72". We require high resolution EPS or PDF files. You may provide your own artwork or utilize our in-house services to design your artwork.

7. How long does the entire process take?
Answer: Each client will receive a proof before final production. Turnaround time on production is generally 3-4 weeks, but largely depends on revision process time.


We offer special advantages for the success of your company's advertising campaign
  • Targets your customers where they travel
  • High circulation, impressions and reach
  • One of the most cost-effective advertising medium
  • 24-Hour Exposure
  • Displays are close to traffic, at eye level and in full color
  • Penetrates where advertising is limited
  • Powerful results when added to media mix
  • Benches near point of purchase in target market areas