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65 years of dedicated service to local communities and businesses.

Metropolitan was founded in 1951 as a community service company to serve the needs of the Florida Junior Chamber of Commerce (Jaycees) for one of their many community service initiatives. For the last 65-years, Metropolitan has been improving the quality of life for people all across the State of Florida by investing in pedestrian infrastructure that supports our local transportation systems. We are the oldest, continuous public-private partnership in Florida and the nation. We actively partner with non-profits and local governments to improve local pedestrian systems and enhance user experiences by providing public seating along transit routes, sidewalks, bike paths, trail systems and other points of pedestrian interest.

Metropolitan is a public service company dedicated to assisting non-profit organizations and local communities in developing public seating programs that provide much needed relief and rest to people who utilize alternative modes of transportation while promoting local commerce in our communities.

Prior to the 1950’s, there was no organized effort to provide public seating at transit stops in Florida. Citizens often found themselves standing or sitting on crates, make shift seats or the ground for long periods of time- often in dirt or mud depending on the weather. In 1950, a group of young men who were active members of the Florida Jaycees traveled to the organization’s state convention. While in attendance, the issue of the lack public seating was raised before the state organization. The Jaycees leadership challenged those in attendance to address this need on a local level by creating a public service company that would provide public seating infrastructure and partner with local Jaycee chapters who were willing to take on a community seating project. This led to the creation of the nation’s first community seating program and the establishment of our company. In 1951, we joined hands with the Florida Jaycees and created our service company to meet this specific need. The program quickly spread throughout the State of Florida and was adopted as both national and international models for the Jaycees. Today’s modern bus shelters are a direct outgrowth of our original public seating program implemented by the founding Jaycees.
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  • 65-Years of Dedicated Service to Local Communities
  • A Public Service Company - Not a Billboard Company
  • First in the World to Offer Public Seating
  • Built a Successful National & International Business Model for Public Seating
  • Serves the Largest Territory in Florida
  • Previously Served 17-States in the Southeast & Southwest for 30-years